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Established in 1995, Permian Rod Operations (PRO) specializes in maintenance and comprehensive nondestructive testing of new and used sucker rods, sinker bars, fiberglass sucker rods and sucker rod couplings.  We integrate new innovative techniques with time proven conventional inspection methods to detect and evaluate both manufacturing and service induced flaws in sucker rods and couplings, minimizing premature rod failures, thereby aiding our clients in avoiding the time and labor costs associated with work-over operations and other remedial services.  We also buy and sell sucker rods, couplings, sinker bars, and pony rods.

Rod string condition has direct impact on fluid lifting efficiency, and rod failures lead to a loss of production.  Proper attention to the integrity of a rod string can aid in obtaining optimum operating conditions.  The integrity of the string depends on the proper functioning of each individual sucker rod joint in the string.  The rods are subjected to severe operational conditions such as corrosive fluids exposure, cyclic loading and lateral bending stresses, which can lead to material fatigue and deterioration.

The staff at Permian Rod Operations has accumulated more than a century of experience in this field. Our goal is to provide top quality service in a timely manner, remain flexible to our customers' needs, and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.  From 1999 - 2003, PRO became the world's first sucker rod inspection facility to achieve ISO 9002 certification through the American Petroleum Institute. Through today our Quality Assurance System adheres to ISO.  At Permian Rod Operations, we constantly strive to improve our methods and maintain a positive contribution to the industry.

We use computerized electromagnetic inspection including flux leakage, lasers and eddy current detection systems coupled with wet fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, API ring and plug gaging, and digital imaging.  All gages and measuring instruments used have traceable accuracies to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Our inspectors are trained and certified to ASNT TC1-A standards.

PRO flaw detection systems offer enhanced signal processing and recording using powerful data acquisition software.  Electromagnetic detection signatures are displayed on a LCD flat panel monitor for razor sharp imaging and color contrast.  All inspection charts, reports, and digital images are stored on compact disc for easy accessibility and distribution.

Health, safety, and environmental protection form an integral part of our objectives.  We are committed to the health and safety of our employees and the prevention of pollution. We pursue this policy through company strategies, action plans, education and training. At PRO, we help reduce your operating expenses by identifying and diagnosing circumstances that influence sucker rod behavior and performance.

Keep your wells operating at peak efficiency with our sucker rod services.

To provide a full range of quality products and services to the sucker rod industry.

To continue to grow and lead the sucker rod industry in customer service,
on-time performance and efficient operation while providing new
products and services that will benefit the industry.

In accomplishing our goals, we will pursue all avenues to further increase and maintain
the quality of the organization and to adhere to the highest of ethical standards and personal integrity.

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