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A significant percentage of premature sucker rod failures involve the connection area.  Many of these failures are the result of loss of displacement due to insufficient pin load neck stretch and shoulder contact force.  We offer a precision patented makeup service to greatly reduce these type of failures.  Each coupling is installed to the precise measured pre-load neck stretch with our exclusive patented hydraulic makeup unit specifically designed to perform the makeup task with zero detrimental dimensional changes to the rod or coupling.

“Saves 2 to 3 hours rig time.
You only have to card one end
which is easier”

- Work-Over Completion Specialist

“I like the fact that one end is
properly precision fitted.
Having couplings pre-installed also
saves rig time.”

- Downhole Specialist

The purpose of pre-loading a shouldered connection is to lock the total length of the threaded helix load flank surfaces together so that it will not loosen and cause premature fatigue failure. Actual pin stretch measurement has proven to be much more reliable than circumferential displacement in achieving proper connection make-up and extended work cycle life.   A precision linear measurement device is used to directly measure pin advancement into the coupling with absolute accuracy.  This ensures proper pin shoulder to coupling end face contact pressure and proper pin neck pre-load stretch.

With our system, your rods are delivered to location with precision-installed couplings.  This ensures the torsional forces of the field end makeup are induced into one pin shoulder and one thread helix eliminating the shared-torque phenomenon of double-ended makeups.  This provides a much better opportunity for a proper single-ended rig site makeup. An additional benefit is the reduction of crew labor saving valuable rig time, typically two to three hours running time on a 6500 ft. string.

Feel free to give us a call and we would be more than happy to give you a demonstration at our facility.

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