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Product preparation is a key element of the PRO inspection sequence. This includes coupling removal, guide and scraper removal, and cleaning of all surfaces to be inspected. All inspection surfaces must be cleaned down to bare metal. Hydrocarbons such as paraffin, grease, and oil must be removed as well as any scale, rust, or any other material that may hinder the inspection process.

Each coupling is manually removed from the rod using special friction wrenches which are designed to be non-injurious to the coupling. Couplings are then placed in baskets and tagged according to product identification and traceability procedures. Couplings are evaluated and the desired cleaning method is selected which best suits the condition of the inspection surfaces. Couplings are cleaned by pressurized steaming, concentrated detergent bath, shot blasting, motorized wire brushing, or any combination of the aforementioned methods.

Sucker rod guides are removed with a hydraulic piercing wedge and rods are then immersed in a heated chemical solvent vat and soaked to remove hydrocarbon build-up. Rod bodies are then shot-blasted full length by a Pangborn Roto-Blast peening machine which bombards the rod surface with steel pellets propelled at high velocity. Rod pins are then cleaned to bright metal with solvent fed rotary wire brushes. This provides clean, pristine surfaces which is critical to inspection quality.

We offer free pick-up of sucker rods within a 150 mile radius on 24 hour notice. All trucks are equipped with self-contained wenches, spreader bars, and lifting apparatus specially designed for sucker rod handling so that no forklift is needed on location. All trucking personnel are thoroughly trained in sucker rod care and handling procedures as well as product identification and traceability.

After processing and inspection, all acceptable rods packaged for storage or shipment. Special thread lubricant is applied to the rod pins and thread protectors are installed. An industrial corrosion inhibitor is applied and rods are bundled or palletized according to job order specifications. Couplings also receive corrosion inhibitor application and are packed in boxes.

We also buy and sell sucker rods, sinker bars, and couplings. A variety of standard sizes and grades is maintained in stock. Special alloy high strength rods are also available. Delivery scheduling is recommended as demand occasionally exceeds our inventories.

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