services : magnetic particle inspection

The primary magnetic particle inspection method used by PRO is the wet fluorescent particle method, which is performed under ultraviolet light. Special magnetic particles are used which brightly fluoresce when energized by the UV light offering enhanced contrast and visibility of indications.

All product is thoroughly cleaned prior to inspection to remove any foreign material that may hinder the inspection process.

The desired magnetic fields are induced in rods and couplings utilizing calibrated DC encircling coils and capacitance discharge units.

All UV light sources are checked for minimum intensity with a certified light meter. Light intensity values are logged daily.

A conditioned water-based solution is used as the particle suspension vehicle. Proper solution concentration is confirmed and logged daily utilizing a centrifuge settling tube apparatus. Tests are also performed to check solution contamination and dispersion qualities.

Magnetic field strength and orientation is confirmed with a calibrated magnetometer. System sensitivity is confirmed using actual production representative test pieces with known discontinuities.

Inspection takes place under controlled conditions in a specially designed isolation cabinet. All rejects are marked, segregated, and documented.

Typical imperfections detected by magnetic particle inspection of rods and couplings are: fatigue cracks in the thread roots and undercut area, upset forging imperfections, thread laps, body cracks, seams, and spraymetal cracking.



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